Beskytter jordens hav mot biocider


Our toxic present

Since man has sailed the sea, we fought fouling: Small  subaquatic organisms attach themselves to the hull and grow there until the boat needs significantly more energy to move forward resulting in an increased bunker consumption on today’s vessels.
If you are a boat owner, you know the procedure: Once a year you clean and repaint your boat’s hull with Anti-fouling paint, often based on the biocide cuprous oxide. Those paints impede the growth of barnacles, algae, and marine organisms. But they don’s stop there. They wash off over the year, remain in the water and accumulate in the ground, poisoning not only the growth on your ship but all marine life. Remains of antifouling biocides are traceable for decades in the ground soil of our shores.  The coastlines are the spawning areas for many species, including the fish we eat.
If painting your boat was a one-time thing, the impact on the environment might be manageable. But after some short months in the water the anti-fouling effects decreases, the bunker consumption goes up again and you are forced to start this unhealthy, costly process again.

What if there was a sustainable, non-toxic, more cost and time effective solution?

There is. Finsulate is an anti foiling foil that works not toxic but mechanical. Once attached to the hull, Finsulate will protect your boat from foul, growth, even scratches and dents from underwater debris.
The foil offers a unique surface composed of microscopic fibers submarine organisms cannot attach them to permanently. They will simply wash off on the current.  Finsulate is long-lasting: We offer a 5-year guarantee. But we expect a lifespan that doubles that 5 years. Our first vessels still sail without signs of weariness or material fatigue.

How is it attached?

We work with professional foil attaching companies all over Norway to get your boat ready to sail toxin-free for years. 

What vessels are applicable?

Generally speaking, Finsulate can be attached to every vessel today. We attached it to small pleasure boats, professional fishing vessels, even to the MS Mureen, a 135m/4000 tdw Container vessel, as well as a trial area of 120m2 on the Superspeed2 (Colorline).

What’s the catch?

Sounds too good to be true? Think of it this way: Applying toxic paint is a decades old, hardly ever questioned technique. For more than two generations, we all stuck to a first idea that did not consider any long term consequences. Finsulate is a product of the 21st century. Neither the mindset, nor the technogly was present back then. Finsulate respects the environment and uses recent breaktroughs in microfibers to give you access to a cleaner, more reliable protection for your boat and the sea you’re dwelling.


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Research & Development

While Finsulate is our first product, our engagement doesn’t stop there.
We live in a critical point in time: We know we cannot exploit and poisin our planet any longer before it becomes more and more uninhabitable.
Our goal is to remove biocides completely from the marine industry. This is a bold statement and won’t be achieved by just one product.

What we do

Different surfaces will require different approaches: Extreme pressure, extreme velocity, longer periods in the dry will require more research and different products.
That’s why we’ve teamed up with Binder GmbH from southern Germany among others, who are developing a radical new nonsticking surface.
Other technologies, other partnerships will follow. We can hardly wait for what the future brings.

Interested in participating?

Protecting the oceans will be a common effort. We wont’ be able to do it alone. That’s why we are looking for shipowners willing to participate in material tests and developers of new materials willing to cooperate in this field.


A short list of clients we’d like to say thanks to:


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