• Florida (USA)
  • Salt water, strong tidal movement
  • Cruising mode, up to 6kt
  • Sailing frequency: once every 2 weeks

Product: Finsulate® Antifouling Wrap
End of season maintenance: Cleaned by hose at low pressure once a year to remove organic debris, no fouling present.

Strong performance in most severe conditions: long idle times and strong fouling pressure.

We applied Thorn-D about a year and a half ago to my Duffy Classic 21 in S. Florida, amazingly it has kept the bottom un-fouled. Thorn-D is the ideal product.

Just pulled the Duffy out of the water. Easily pressure washed off all residue except in the joints where there was just a small strip area that was fouled where the foils met. I am happy things are moving forward for your team. Keep in touch.