Duffy Electric

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Florida (USA) Salt water, strong tidal movement Cruising mode, up to 6kt Sailing frequency: once every 2 weeks Product: Finsulate® Antifouling Wrap End of season maintenance: Cleaned by hose at low pressure once a year to remove organic debris, no fouling present. Strong performance in most severe conditions: long idle times and strong fouling pressure. We

Delphia Sailboat

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Wadden Sea, out off Makkum Marina – NL Salt water with berthing on Fresh water Displacement hull, designed for drying out on the shallows Sailing frequency: regular sailing trips on the Wadden Sea Product: Finsulate® Speed Wrap End of season maintenance: stays in water, occasional removal of slime during drying out trips Dear Finsulate team,

House Boat

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La Paz – Mexico Salt water, tropical Sailing frequency: Static at all times Product: Finsulate® Antifouling Wrap End of season maintenance: remains in the water, regular under water cleaning Dear Finsulate team, Just to let you know that Finsulate has continued to perform in the second season that I am using it. Cleaning is easy