Offshore Support Company in Middle East

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Persian Gulf Idle at oil rigs (standby vessels) displacement mode, up to appr. 10kt Sailing frequency: once every 2 weeks Product: Finsulate® Antifouling Wrap Since October 2013, Halul Offshore has been using Finsulate on standby vessels. These vessels are moored continuously at offshore platform sites in the Persian Gulf. It was pleasure to meet you

50ft Motor Cruiser

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Black Sea and Mediterranean Salt water Annual Cruise from Bulgaria to Mediterranean/Greece during Summer Sailing frequency: Idle in Winter, frequently sailing in Summer Product: Finsulate® Antifouling Wrap End of season maintenance: depends, some years dive cleaning at end of season Dear Finsulate team, The – for now – last antifouling update. We sailed on the

Corsiva 690 Tender

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The Netherlands Fresh water Planing hull Sailing frequency: 5 to 10 times per season Product: Finsulate® Speed Wrap End of season maintenance: Cleaned by high pressure water (200 bar) at end of season to remove organic debris, no fouling present. Dear Finsulate team, We just finished our last trip of the season and our Corsiva sailed

Strike 26

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San Diego (California, USA) Salt water Planing mode, up to 20kt Sailing frequency: 10-20 times per season Product: Finsulate® Easy Clean Wrap End of season maintenance: Monthly Cleaned with soft Scotch Brite pads in Summer time, bimonthly in wintertime, no fouling present. Customer has saved on diving cost and has already saved one antifouling application. I

Delphia Sailboat

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Wadden Sea, out off Makkum Marina – NL Salt water with berthing on Fresh water Displacement hull, designed for drying out on the shallows Sailing frequency: regular sailing trips on the Wadden Sea Product: Finsulate® Speed Wrap End of season maintenance: stays in water, occasional removal of slime during drying out trips Dear Finsulate team,

Dehler 28s Sailboat

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Sailing region: Aalsmeer – NL Fresh water Displacement hull Sailing frequency: occasional sailing trips on the Westeinder Plassen The Netherlands Product: Finsulate® Speed Wrap End of season maintenance: removal of slime with spatula   Dear Finsulate team, I have really enjoyed your innovative antifouling product this year. As we have seen there is no real