• San Diego (California, USA)
  • Salt water
  • Planing mode, up to 20kt
  • Sailing frequency: 10-20 times per season

Product: Finsulate® Easy Clean Wrap
End of season maintenance: Monthly Cleaned with soft Scotch Brite pads in Summer time, bimonthly in wintertime, no fouling present.

Customer has saved on diving cost and has already saved one antifouling application.

I have used Finsulate for almost 4 years now and I am impressed with the results. I have hade my strike 26 done with the Finsulate® Easy Clean Wrap as in California we are used to clean boats monthly. My diver has complimented me on the long term ease of cleaning. He keeps using the soft Scotch Brite pads and no deterioration of the Finsulate product is seen. I will easily manage the promised 5 year lifetime!