• Black Sea and Mediterranean
  • Salt water
  • Annual Cruise from Bulgaria to Mediterranean/Greece during Summer
  • Sailing frequency: Idle in Winter, frequently sailing in Summer

Product: Finsulate® Antifouling Wrap

End of season maintenance: depends, some years dive cleaning at end of season

Dear Finsulate team,

The – for now – last antifouling update. We sailed on the Mediterranean for about two months. Only some green algae occurred at the waterline and this was easily removed. No hard fouling. Since a few days we are back at the Black Sea and we know from experience that there will be growth here.

After 3 seasons in use, I can state that the product works well and it looks like it will work for the years to come. Next year we go to fresh water (Danube to NL). Let’s see what happens then. I wish you luck with your business!